What if you could get an astrological insight into your relationship - what are it's strengths, opportunities, challenges and weaknesses? Are you fated to be together, or is it a case of two ships passing in the night? Do you have connections from past lives that you are working through, or is it a truly new relationship that is reflected by you growing to another level of consciousness and upleveling in your relationship as you uplevel your spiritual growth? It is said that a relationship is an entity on it's own, blended from the energies of the two people but still separate. The qualities of the relationship can also be delineated as well as the ups and downs, the peaks and troughs, the good times and the not so good times. This report is a live recorded session where you can ask questions and get them answered. After the call you will be sent a link to the recording as well as a copy of your chart.

Relationship Reading

For those who want to know the dynamics in their current relationship and what the opportunities and challenges are, this reading will help improve your understanding of your partner and why you are together. Cost: $99