Let's look at two specific points that are - or should be - on the top of everyone's list; Joy and Pleasure. Understanding where we experience our greatest joy and having access to what provides us with the most pleasure are keys to lifting our vibrations – both personal and collective, and in the process maximizing happiness and giving us access to the endless abundance of Universal forces.

The Mighty Aphrodite

In the astrology chart, the pleasure principle is embodied in the planet Venus. Venus is marked as a circle atop a cross , which is the circle of wholeness sitting atop the cross of matter. It is reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian Ankh (Ansata) symbol, which means life.

Venus is the Roman goddess whose counterpart in the Greek is Aphrodite. She was born from the sea after Kronos severed his father, Ouranus’, genitals and threw them in the ocean. The name Aphrodite translates to “foam born”. She is famous for her beauty, sensuality, vanity and ruthlessness. Her husband was Hephaestos (Vulcan) of the forge, and her longtime lover was Ares (Mars), although she is known as having had many additional lovers.

In astrology Venus rules over two Sun signs – Taurus and Libra. Both of these signs are connected strongly to sensuality, love and lust.  In the birth chart Venus represents where and how we seek and receive pleasure – this can be for both good and ill. The word aphrodisiac comes from her, as does venereal disease!  Understanding what gifts and challenges Venus (Aphrodite) bestows on you through your birth chart is key to improving your relationship to love, money, happiness and pleasure. If you’re not getting your fair share, perhaps an insight into your chart placement and aspects to Venus may give you a clue on how to best work with this energy.

As the planet of happiness, Venus appears in every chart.

This means the happiness you seek is already in your possession.

You were born with it.

All you need do is connect with your inner Venus.

Next, we look to see where you can experience the greatest Joy.